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Toppers say
Here's the list of CBSE toppers who used the compassbox 2001 Exam Helpline.
  Name:   Anup Nambiar
  School:   Abu Dhabi Indian School
  City:   Abu Dhabi
  Percentage Secured:   93.6%
  Marks:   Maths - 97
Science - 95
Social Sciences - 93
English - 89
French - 94
  Student's message:
A happy news .... i ve come 1st in school (ADIS) ....
I really thank u guys (your sample papers in maths really helped me… )
THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am planning to join a school in Kochi (mostly Bhavans)
Again Thanks,
  Name:   Deepak AR
  School:   Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar
  City:   Vizag, India
  Percentage Secured:   92.4%
  Marks:   Maths - 92
Science - 95
Social Sciences - 96
English - 90
Hindi - 89
  Student's message:
Remember me? Deepak
Its been a long time aint it..
What do u feel?! Could I have done better?!!! I feel I could have done better in math's…isn't it? Anyway I'm satisfied and I've taken pcm gp in ap inter...pleeease try to start a course for this i.e. inter-ap xi and xii std. I'll be the haappiest!!!
ok!! adios
  Name:   Asmita Dhekne
  School:   SKCH
  City:   Bangalore
  Percentage Secured:   92%
  Student's message:
It was all because of compassbox that i got 92% in my CBSE Board exam.

thanks once again
  Name:   Nehha Sethi
  School:   Sacred Heart s.s. School
  City:   Chandigarh
  Percentage Secured:   91.4%
  Marks:   Maths - 97
cience - 99
Social Studies - 91
  Student's message:
  thanks very much for all the prayers
— nehha
  Name:   Megha Goyal
  School:   APJ
  City:   New Delhi
  Percentage Secured:   91.2%
  Marks:   Maths - 98
Science - 97
Sanskrit - 98
  Student's message:
  I am a regular user of your site. It was very helpful to me during my board exams. Yesterday my board result was there on the net.
Now I have taken up Science with Biology and I am preparing for PMT. Kindly send me some study material so that I can again benefit from your invaluable guidance.

Thanking you
  Name:   Athulya Ramanarayanan
  School:   Abu Dhabi Indian School
  City:   Abu Dhabi
  Percentage Secured:   91%
  Marks:   Maths - 97
Science - 93
Social Sciences - 94
  Student's message:
  Thank you compassbox for the last minute revision, especially in Maths and Social Sciences. I found them very useful and I believe that I had an added advantage over the others.
I hope to receive the same during this year too...
I've opted for Science with Computer Science and Maths.
Once again... thanx a lot to all at compassbox.
Yours sincerely,
  Name:   Vipul Aggarwal
  School:   K.D.Ambani School
  City:   Jamnagar, India
  Percentage Secured:   90.4%
  Marks:   Maths - 94
Science - 95
Social Sciences - 92
English - 79
Hindi - 92
  Student's message:
I write this letter to you to tell you what I have achieved from your amazing site.
I have been able to get 90.4% in CBSE X results. Do you notice something...
You should start giving coaching for English too...
thanking you,
your student
Vipul Aggarwal
  Name:   Vivek Khanna
  School:   Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Powai
  City:   Mumbai
  Percentage Secured:   90.2%
  Marks:   Maths- 95
  Student's message:
I am Vivek Khanna
I have secured 90.2% in 10th std. in C.B.S.E.
I was a Compassbox student and it helped me a lot during my exams
particularly the C.D which I purchased on Compassbox revision series helped
me a lot.
Thanks a lot.
  Name:   Harshvardhan Vathsangam
  School:   M.E.S Indian School
  City:   Doha, Qatar
  Marks:   Maths - 97
Science - 99 (1st in QATAR)
Social Sciences - 97 (1st in QATAR)
  Student's message:
  I have joined a new School in Chennai.
Thanks to your compassbox I have scored the above mentioned marks in my 10th exam. Please keep up your good work.
  Name:   Shreyas Venugopalan
  School:   Indian School
  City:   Manama, Bahrain
  Percentage Secured:   89.8%
  Marks:   Maths - 99 (First in Bahrain)
Science - 98 (First in Bahrain)
English - 91 (Second In Bahrain. First: 92 Marks)
French - 94 (First in Bahrain is 100)
Social Science - 67
  Student's message:
  I had done very well in Social Studies and was expecting above 95 for it.
I really do not know what happened. Anyhow, I have applied for verification of marks and keeping my hopes on it.
  Name:   Anuj Sharma
  School:   Bhavan Vidyalaya
  City:   Chandigarh
  Percentage Secured:   89.8%
  Marks:   Science - 97
Social Studies - 99
Hindi - 87
  Student's message:
  compassbox.com had provided great help to me in my 10th boards. It was the quickest way to get model test papers at home. I gave quite a lot of revision tests on this site just before the exams which refreshed my memory and helped me understand as well as learn things beyond textbooks.
  Name:   Pearl Sharma
  School:   St. Mary's Convent
  City:   Ajmer
  Percentage Secured:   88.4%
  Student's message:
  It was great to recieve your e-mail thanks for clarifying my query.
I believe and hope that compassbox would SURELY help me to secure
even higher marks in future.
It was my father who told me about this site.
Thanks once again.
Best regards
  Name:   Sitanshu Mishra
  School:   KV, Panvel
  City:   Mumbai, India
  Percentage Secured:   88.2%
  Marks:   Maths - 86
Science - 97
  Name:   Caroline Kuruvilla
  School:   Indian School
  City:   Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
  Percentage Secured:   88.2%
  Marks:   Maths - 90
Science - 94
English - 91
French - 90
  Student's message:
  I am in the first 10 rankers. But I have built more determination and I am sure I will do much better in the later phases of my life.
I hope I can achieve my ambitions with my hard work and your coordinated support and help.
Your Faithful Student
  Name:   Jomana Jose
  School:   Indian School, Alghubhra
  City:   Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
  Percentage Secured:   88.2%
  Marks:   Maths - 96
Science - 86
Social Sciences - 82
English - 78
French - 99
  Student's message:
  Thanks for ur mail regarding the results.
Thanks for ur help throughout various papers and assignments. I can't believe my French marks.
Thanks & regards
  Name:   Asma Bade
  School:   Indian School
  City:   Kuwait
  Percentage Secured:   88%
  Marks:   Maths - 99
Science - 100
  Student's message:
  I surely couldn't have done without ur prayers.
I've got 100 in sci & 99 in maths, that's the highest in kuwait! but I got 77 in sst , so my % comes down to 88.
thanx a lot for ur timely help
  Name: Jitha Annie John
  School: UIS
  City: Kuwait
  Percentage Secured: 88%
  Marks: Maths - 99
Science - 94
Social Sciences - 86
English - 70
French - 91
  Student's message:
I am really grateful to all the compassbox staff for praying for me. As you see, my English marks are horrible. Even for French and Science, I expected the marks to be above 95. I came first in all the exams conducted by my school. Now, I came 7th. It is depressing but I know God has not left me for He gave me 99 in Maths which are the highest marks for Maths in whole of Kuwait. I am grateful for your prayers for that enabled me to face this situation. Please continue to pray for me for I have given all papers except Maths for revaluation.
  Name: Harpreet Kaur
  School: Guru Nanak Public School
  City: Ludhiana
  Percentage Secured: 88%
  Marks: Maths - 90
Science - 95
  Student's message:
Thanks for your help.
  Name:   Sushant Madan
  School:   Vivek High School
  City:   Chandigarh
  Percentage Secured:   88%
  Student's message:
  guess what?!!!!!!!!!
I have got my results and I have got an amazing 88%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was expecting around 85 !!
I am so excited!!!!!!
I love your site its the best
but u should add one thing more to it the members should get the facility to have an e-mail account. (thats what many of my friends say)
do write to me
when are u coming to chandigarh??
  Name: Vignesh Kannan
  School: The Indian School
  City: Manama, Bahrain
  Percentage Secured: 87.6%
  Marks: Social Sciences - 91
  Student's message:
The long wait is over and the tension that was building up over the last few days has finally eased.
compassbox.com lessons were really of great use to me during my last few weeks of preparation and I thank you too profusely for the same, esp. in Social.
Thanks once again.
Best regards,
Vignesh Kannan
  Name:   Chanpreet Kaur
  School:   Sacred Heart Sr. Secondary
  City:   Chandigarh
  Percentage Secured:   87%
  Student's message:
how r u?
I got my result and secured 87% marks.all ur 70 prayers and blessings.convey thanks to all.
well, all is gr8. I have opted for nonmed.
  Name:   Nazra Nazir
  School:   Our Own English High School
  City:   Dubai
  Percentage Secured:   86.8%
  Marks:   Maths - 90
Science - 89
Social Sciences - 87
English - 86
  Student's message:
This is Nazra, I'M HAPPY TO INFORM U THAT I SCORED ALL A1s, AND 86.8%. I aimed for just 4 A1s & 83-85 % but got more, and am very happy.
I thought I'd let u know, n thankyou for all your support. It was all just God's grace & all your prayers!! Thankyou!
But I have a prb, I'm very lazy, n now I think I'm laggin in 11th, esp in maths., how can u help?? also, I need to involve myself in more
activities.......I'm good in writing poems etc, do u think u could help me??
Wel, once again thnx, ur last minute qs papers were very useful for
Also, I'm attachin my results.
  Name:   Amit Chetija
  School:   Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir
  City:   Mumbai
  Percentage Secured:   86.8%
  Marks:   Maths - 96
Science - 91
  Student's message:
  Its been great using your site for studying. My teacher Bharat Sir helped me lot. In fact he was the one who suggested I use compassbox.com. The Exam preparation and Last minute revision was very good. Thanks once again!
  Name:   Sukriti Gawri
  School:   Sacred Heart Convent
  City:   Chandigarh
  Percentage Secured:   86%
  Marks:   Maths - 93
Science - 85
English - 93
Social Sciences - 93
hindi - 67
  Student's message:
this is Sukriti thanks for all your prayers.i secured 86% due to hindi.
thankx again for all your help & support
  Name:   Suvir Singh
  School:   St Thomas
  City:   Ludhiana
  Percentage Secured:   85.6%
  Student's message:
Hi! Thanks for your help during the exams of 10 th.
Thanks again!
  Name:   Shibin Ishaque
  School:   International Indian School, Jeddah
  City:   Jeddah
  Percentage Secured:   85.2%
  Marks:   Maths - 99
Science - 92
  Student's message:
  Hi everyone,
I am Shibin. I got my results. It was what I was expecting. Any how its good I got 426 (85.2%) The reason why I lost this much marks is becouse I got 71 in arabic where I was expecting around 90-95. And also I got 80 in social. But I got 99 in maths and 92 in science. English is 84. I am sad about arabic and social. Is there any use if I give for revaluation. Pls comment
Thats all,
Mohd. Shibin Ishaque
  Name:   Deepta Aekbote
  School:   Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan
  City:   Chennai
  Percentage Secured:   85%
  Marks:   Maths - 86
Science - 93
Tamil - 91
  Student's message:
I'm deepta, sorry for not replying.i was a bit busy u see, completing my home work, covering my books, etc.
My school started on june 1 st itself.
it was good to have yur help, but now can't, all good things come to an end as my syllabus is changed. Sorry i won't be able to use compass box now
As for my results i got 85% total being 423.
Thanks for your concern,
  Name:   Geechu Menon
  School:   Indian School
  City:   Manama, Bahrain
  Percentage Secured:   85%
  Marks:   Maths - 89
Science - 89
Social Sciences - 89
English - 78
French - 80
  Student's message:
  This is geechu here,
Let me 1st of all thank compassbox.com for all the support, encouragement and
help. I am satisfied with my overall percentage, though my French marks
disappointed me badly. I was expecting something in 90's in French but I am
very, very...happy with my social marks.
Once again I thank compassbox.com
  Subject toppers
Maths: 99
Shibin Ishaque

Asma Bade

Shreyas V
Science: 100
Asma Bade
Social Sciences: 99
Anuj Sharma
French: 99
Jomana Jose
English: 93
Sukriti Gawri