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 Compassbox Features
We've worked very hard to make compassbox.com graphically interesting and user-friendly. All navigation systems, symbols and icons have been designed to be intuitive even to a novice 'Netizen'.
Here are some of the more important features and sections that you need to know about.
Of course, if you need any help, you can always shoot of an e-mail to us at

Subject Divisions
We have adhered strictly to the syllabus prescribed by the appropriate Education Boards. Subjects are divided into Units or Chapters and further divided into Topics and Sub-Topics, just as in the text books.

Chapter Objectives
Every chapter starts off with the Objectives, so you know exactly what you should be working towards.

Chapter Summaries/Overviews:
This is a synopsis of the whole chapter. Use it for last-minute brushing up before a test or exam.

Site Search:
Search for content within compassbox.com by a word or a phrase.

EduSmart Search Engine:
An outstanding feature of compassbox. You can search the massive database of problems, questions and answers by a word or phrase. This facility is available only for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Use this facility to practise more problems and outsmart the competition.

is a unique concept which you won't find on any other site in the world! It shows you how to break down a problem into steps, and explains each step that you don't understand. What's more, each step carries marks in the exam, so it's important to learn how to analyse and solve math problems. You can use it hundreds of times, and no one will complain! here's a demo of how it works.

Marks Magnet
When you have finished learning a Topic, you should try answering questions from the Marks Magnet. If you're new to Marks Magnet,
here's a demo of how it works.

Teacher's Remarks (insights)
You know how, in a classroom, the teacher pauses every once in a while, to explain a difficult concept or problem using local or colloquial examples? Well the Teacher Remarks are exactly like that - they give you the teacher's insight based on his or her vast experience with that subject.

Objective (Multiple Choice) Tests:
You can take try the Objective Tests to find our how well you have studied the lesson. In most chapters, the question bank is quite vast, so each time you take a test, you get some fresh questions.