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What Users are saying
Everyone loves a little pat on the back every now and then. So do we. While our entire team of 70 are confident of every little thing on our site, it feels wonderful when Principals, Teachers and Students appreciate our effort. Modesty aside, we are proud of it. Here's what they had to say. Verbatim.

Chetan Thanki

To the compassbox team,
I would like to thank eveyone behind the compassbox
website to make my studies so interesting and easy. you
were all of immese help to me and i am very grateful
to you all for this.
thanks a lot for your support and help which i will
never forget all my life.


Thanks for your e-mail wishing us best if luck for the Math exam. it went of pretty OK. Compassbox has been quite a good resource for both academic and non-academic facets of the Indian student's personality here to fore and I hope shall continue to be so in the future. What I especially like is the personal touch that the team at compassbox has
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards

Mr. Rohith G.Shetty

Hi there
Thanks for yr e-mail & happy to inform you all that my son's maths exam went on very well and a very big thanks for you all for all your help
Thanks n regds
Rohith G.Shetty


Hi Pradeep
Just finished the maths paper and I did excellent thanks
to your Preparatory and Guess papers. The questions were
almost the same. Before the exams I went through many
Indian sites having maths prparation papers but Compassbox
is the best. I will recommend this site to all my friends.
You almost Cracked the maths paper.
I need your help for the English Paper on 27th
Best regards

Deepa Rao

Thanks a lot, Abhi. You saved the day......

Ranjini Krishnan

hi abilash
got yr mail just now. thanks a ton for the solutions. actually i should have told you sums i had problem in. please only send the solutions to these particular sums. the sums are-tough problems for practice-6 sum 9 and 10 and tough sums for practice 4 sum no-6. hope you received my mail. ... actually i didn't study one day before. i first have to take printouts and then i have to solve it individually how can i ask you all the answers.these papers were just put up 3-4 days back so i needed 1 day atleast to solve. so i did guess papers first, so that's why i wrote yest that i needed the solutions. thanks a ton once agin. i will surely mail after i
cracked the exam. bye!!!!
i'm really so happy .hats of to you for sending all the solutions and answering personally. you guys are really amazing. i haven't seen any site indulging with such concened teachers. you all are really great.
thanks once agin.

Anjuli Sharma,

Dear sir,
I have received my solutions.A lot of thanks for the solutions of my
Can I get help from this 'HELPLINE' for my English paper.
yours obediently

Imran Patanwala,

thank you abhi...
i received your e mail.
thanks for your help.
pray for me ..


Very quick and prompt answer without delay!!!!
Thanks a lot to you
Thanks a lot to the chemistry teacher Ms. Rekha Agneeswaran.
You really deserve success. You work very hard like us.

Dylan D' Souza,

Well, compassbox is doing excellent till school level. I am so dependent on you all now. But what after school level? Please do something for college level too!!
Well, currently you don't have languages on your site. I don't know about Hindi and Marathi, but English should be there on the site.
You should have more practice tests for SSC. Especially for Algebra and Geometry. And a good evaluation system to boot! Evaluation is very important because parents undergo more stress than the child!!

Mrs. Raman,

I and my daughter have been using compassbox continuously from January onwards. It is an excellent site. The text on screen with flowcharts, tables and wonderful diagrams made reading more interesting and easy for my daughter.
Actually, the best of the whole lot that I visited.
The star of the whole site is/was Last Minute Revision Series. It made a lot of difference. Also your Math Explanator made sums very easy. You should have more, more and more Explanators. Most of our neighbours came to my house or went to cybercafes just to see the Last minute Revision section for one hour daily! Prediction sets were really helpful for brushing up.
I'll tell you something - I bought internet connection on January 6th 2001 only to access compassbox.com. Now what do you say? I think parents will not worry about money in case of education if the thing they are getting is good enough. Also, your customer service has been very good too!
Periodical tests are very much in need. But you should have incentives and prizes for students as a motivation. Also something more like Objective tests. I also think that you should bring out more material in book form like your Preparatory Series.

Safeeka Basheer,

Hello Sir,
This is Safeeka.
I am very happy to get guidance from compassbox. I am feeling regret that I
didn't come to know about Compassbox before.
I am also very happy to hear from you that you are visiting us. You are much welcome.

Sameer Bellare,

Now a days, most fear or get bored hearing History! But thanks to compassbox.com which has helped me develop great interest in this subject.

Farah Gandhi,

Thanks a lot for your regular support. You have been really of great help to me.
This helpline is one of the best ways to contact your teachers.
The helpline for social studies was of real great help.
I have received the answer.
Thanks for all the support which no other internet site provides us with.
Thank You,

Sameer Parate,

i am really helpful to the entire team of compassbox.com for solving my problems especially to abhilash sir. i will be in touch with you for this month

Krishna Gopal,

Thanks a lot for the immediate response. I came to know of your site
yesterday from Indian Express. For Social Studies I found your site
extremely good, informative and helpful for last minute preps. It had
helped me a lot. I will check your site before the other papers as well.

Aisha Masood

Hi Abilash,This is Aisha again, sorry for disturbing you again but I got stuck up again in solving board paper so I had to turn to your teachers.
My question is :
Explain why rice cultivation is spreading northward and wheat cultivation shifting westward and to the central India?
Thanx and keep up the good work hopefully I won't have to turn to your teachers

Jees Joseph,

Dear Sir,
I am in receipt of the soultion. I could not believe that you would
respond so quickly. Thank you very much for your timely assistance and shall
be in touch with you if I have any other doubts. Thank you again and bi now.
jees joseph

Neeraj Pujari,

dear abhilash,
thanks for sending your mail.
but i still prefer talking to deepti madam.i am a friend of Saumya Gupta who is also registered on compassbox.com
she is a verygood friend of mine and she told me that she got a call for asking her doubts.so even i want ask my doubts.
so can i get a call from madam?? please!!
yours sincerely

Tonia Nazareth,

Thank You for the prompt reply to the questions. This helpline has been of immense help to me as I am not attending any tution classes. I wish this would have been available a little earlier as I would have been able to cover much more of my queries. Please also thank the teachers who have provided me with answers to my questions.

Sidharath Goel,

Thank you for responding to the registration at compassbox.com.
really, it is very helpful to me. Now i can get brief notes of various

Imran Patanwala,

this is imran ,i was glad to recieve the solutions of the questions i sent
earlier,thank u very very very much.i would like to send u a few more
questions in maths.

Anita Anand,

Hi There,
Thank you so much Abhilash for helping me.Thank you
madam Uma Iyer for the trouble you took for me.I am
sure if I get good marks it will be only because of
this site and the helpful people dealing with this
I am sure that not only me but the children
appearing for the boards next year will find this site
very useful and helpful.Thank you once again.

Shewit Agaskar

I am thankful for all that you people have done for me in
this year. You have a great site.Keep up the good work. Wish me luck.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Shewit Agaskar,

Nisha George

please can you tell how to make this membership life long???
thank you
Nisha George


Many thanks to you and to our Physics teacher, Bharat Mirchandani, for the

Ankita Dash,

I am glad to use your web site . It has been
very helpful . I just wanted to use more sample
papers on different subjects. Could you please
tell me how?

Ravi Shetty,

Great !!!!!!
Abhilash Sir, thanks a lot for your immediate attention,
I am really indebted to my online Mathematics teacher, Ajay Bahal and Manoj Karnad.
Thanks once again,
Deepak Ravi Shetty.

Vidushi Jain,

hello sir
thanx for all support and helps. compass box is a
great website and it really helpfull.

Vanessa Marcus,

One of the subjects, I used to hate a lot was Geography. Geography is a subject, in which, we have to learn many names, e.g. names of places, tress, animals etc. and this makes it very boring. Also, learn railway and airport routes is very impossible. But compassbox.com has helped me a lot, and to some extent convinced me that Geography is not boring. To learn geography on this site is nice because, it gives us explanation in points.

We can also test ourselves
in various subjects by giving our objective test and find out whether we have really prepared in that particular lesson/subject.

compassbox.com makes studying easier and very interesting.
It is unique because our queries and difficulties are solved through 'Ask-a-Teacher'. According to me "compassbox.com is a very important and useful educational web site which encourages the child to gain more and more knowledge.

Roshini Pillai,

I feel compassbox.com is a good facility for the students. The lessons have been formed in such a way that it is very easy to understand and remember.

It is a great help for us to prepare for our exam. The teachers have frames points so well that we understand it easily. It is good for the children who feel tough to read their textbook.

It is very important for every child to go in for compassbox.com if they want a good result in their exam.

The topic covered in this site is so clear and systematic that it can be easily grasped.

Neha Sambare, Class X,


a. Science: Earlier very boring but now like to study bio. Marks also improved.
b. Chemistry - It's a subject I like to study so, I usually don't use compassbox.com for it. Only sometimes for objective test.
c. Physics - Not visited yet.
d. Math - Not used yet
e. Social Science
  1. History - Used only for short notes, objective tests and key dates. After that history has become easier.
2. Geography - Only used for objective tests. Found interesting.
3. Civics and Eco. - Not visited yet

Overall, compassbox.com has helped me a lot for increasing my knowledge as well as confidence.

Subhashini Muralidharan,


I was very pleased with the site as it provided me a good place to revise all topics I had learnt at school.

The subject matter was very understandable and to-the-point. The questions in the 'Marks-Magnet' and 'Exercise Guidance' were helpful. They were neither too easy nor too tough - just right. All the topics have been presented in a way that is not boring. The diagrams also prove useful. I enjoyed solving the crossword puzzle based on syllabus.

Overall, I found the site user-friendly and phenomenal

Richa Malkani,

Dear compassbox team,
I am Richa Malkani and i think by using compassbox.com my result has definitely improved as i have got the hint of answering the questions in brief which dont need long explanation.I would like to thank the compassbox team as they have really helped all the students.
Thanking You
Richa Malkani


(About the unique Maths Explanator™):
" …the step-by-step (method) will help
us later in life also…"
"It's given very wonderfully in this
(compared to the textbook)…"

Mrs D Srivastava,

"…Yes, they (teachers)should use this
… Why not!"

Nidhi, Student, Class X,

(While taking notes off the compassbox.com screen!):
"It's much better because
we don't have so many
definitions and diagrams in the
"Even the examples are very good…"

Mrs Jyothi, Social Studies Teacher,
Class X, Rajhans Vidyalaya.

(On the treatment of History, Civics, Economics): "The approach you have
come with (in these subjects) is wonderful…"

Bhavin, Student, Class X,
Rajhans Vidyalaya.

"History explanations were good…
we'll be able to use this regularly
not just for exams…"

Maths Teacher, Class X,
Rajhans Vidyalaya.

(About other maths sites on the
Internet) : "…(they are) not like this!
Either they are very simple or very
complicated… not relevant with Xth Class…" "This is very good… very
helpful (because it is on the Computer)…"
"I will tell my students about compassbox.com …"
"Even if they miss out something in
class, they can easily get it here…"

Siddharth, Student, Class X,
Rajhans Vidyalaya.

"In tuition class, you're not (relaxed)…you're sitting with 15 other students… you have to behave…"
"They give you 500 questions and you
have to solve them."
" Here (with compassbox.com) you're at home… relaxed. All the descriptions are given in a good manner… I should write
this in my copies!" "No, (this is) not
like one more textbook, like 6 more textbooks!!" "If the teacher is online, then it's good… if I don't understand something,
I will go and ask the teacher."