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Questions most parents ask
In this section, you will find the questions most parents are asking about compassbox.com and
online education in general. It's only natural that most of them seem a little sceptical.
If you have any further doubts, questions, or if you need further clarifications on any related issue, please do feel free to ask us.
"Online education? Is this just another gimmick?"
Mr Rakesh Mehta,
parent of Kunal, Standard X, Bandra,

"Is online education recognized by the government?"
Vijay Talwar,
Concerned Citizen

"Do teachers and principals recommend online education?"
Mrs Namita Banerjee,
parent of Amol, Standard IX,
CBSE school, New Delhi

"My son's tuition teacher is quite strict. He knows how to push my son and make him study hard. How will online education take care of this?"
Mrs Radha Shekhar,
Officer, multinational bank,
parent of Shankar, Thane, Maharashtra

"Do parents have to be involved all the time?"
Mr Archie Fernandes,
V P Sales, leading plastics manufacturer, parent of Bobby, ICSE School, Mumbai

"If the child sits in front of the computer screen for two or three hours continuously, won't it spoil his eyes?"
Lt. Cdr. Atul Tandon,
Parent of Sanjay, Standard X,
Kendriya Vidyalaya.

"How do I know you're teaching the right things to my child?"
Mr Gururaj Rao,
Parent of Prasad, Standard X, Sitafalmandi, Secunderabad

"What can online education do that normal, traditional systems cannot?"
Mr P Gopalan, freelance journalist, Parent of Kiran, Standard X,


The basic question is, "Will it help my child get better marks in the final exam?"
Mr Prabhakar Doshi,
Parent of Bipin, Standard X,


"Are you saying my child need not go to school anymore?"
Mr Mani Iyer,
parent of Jyothi, Standard X,
M.G.Road, Bangalore

"Are you trying to replace coaching classes?"

Mrs V. Chacko,
parent of George, Standard X,
Goregaon, Mumbai

"The coaching class where my child goes is well known. My friends' children have studied there, so I know I can trust it. Online education is so new. It's not a proven system."
Mrs Sujata Choudhary,
parent of Padmini, Standard X,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"Private tuition teachers give a lot of personalized attention. Can online education do that?"
Mr S K Singh,
parent of Ankit, Standard IX,
Thakur Complex, Mumbai

"Isn't online education very costly?"
Mrs Raji Menon, housewife,
mother of Divya, Standard X,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai


"My son, Vishal, does not have any self-discipline. His mind wanders. How can I trust him to study on his own?"
Mrs D Jasaparia,
Mother of Vishal, Standard IX,

"Isn't there a lot of dirty and dangerous stuff on the Internet? How do I know my child won't be led astray?"
Dr (Mrs) Pramila Vaz, MBBS,
Parent of Alby, Standard X,
New Delhi

"How will I know if my child is actually studying and learning anything online? Will you keep track of his progress and inform me regularly?"
Mrs Anuradha Tambe,
mother of Shashank, Standard X,
CBSE, New Delhi

"Will you help with my daughter's homework? Her tuition teacher does."
Mrs Shakila Khan,
mother of Mumtaz, Standard IX