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Frequently Asked Questions
Internet access is expensive - won't the course work out expensive for us?
Most students spend between 3-6 hours a week, if not longer, checking their e-mail, chatting, playing games, downloading music or browsing the Internet for entertainment purposes. Our courses are designed in a way that maximum value can be derived from an equivalent level of usage, although many students have used it for much longer periods. Most parents, whose children used compassbox last year, have told us that they were grateful that with compassbox. Their children were finally using the Internet for 'useful' purposes, and that, in many cases, their Internet usage for 'entertainment purposes' had reduced. We have tried our best to make our site fast to download, and created modules where material can be printed for later reading to reduce use of Internet time. Ultimately, it boils down to how much Internet time one is willing to invest for material that is truly useful for the student's education, in the same way that one evaluated the cost of Internet time for the purpose of e-mail, chat, games, music downloads and similar activities.
I intend to enrol for private tuitions. Should I also enrol for compassbox? Answer
Can the Internet truly be used for teaching? Answer

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