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Frequently Asked Questions
I intend to enrol for private tuitions. Should I also enrol for compassbox?
compassbox has been designed as a supplementary education tool - it is supplementary to what is being taught at school, by private tutors and parents. The course is flexible to accommodate any schedule, and our teachers function as a supplementary resource, in addition to what you learn at home/school. Of course, there are some features which you probably cannot get from a school/tutor - regular handwritten Chapterwise Periodic Tests, Marks Magnet, Math Explanator, (and other interactive tools) - however, our courses have been designed in a way that will be useful for all students - whether or not they take private tuitions, and whatever their school schedule.
There are so many online education sites from India - why should I choose compassbox? Answer
Internet access is expensive - won't the course work out expensive for us? Answer

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