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Frequently Asked Questions
There are so many online education sites from India - why should I choose compassbox?
If you're studying in the Gulf, you may want to phrase the question differently - should I study from a faceless website, or from a team of teachers who are located in India?
To the best of our knowledge, compassbox is the only online educational institution from India that offers CBSE IX, X, XI-sci and XI-comm students in the Gulf direct interaction with an identified team of teachers in India through the year. Where the Internet, or the web site, is just a means of reaching our teacher's material, tests and thoughts across to you, but where other means of communication are also available at your choice - fax, telephone, e-mail, voice-chat and contact sessions. If all one had to do was to read a good textbook, or material from a web site, to perform well, none of us would ever need to go to school! We feel very strongly that without a teacher to help and assist, any study course is highly incomplete.
And that's not all. Here's a feature by feature comparison of compassbox.com with other educational web sites.
I intend to enrol for private tuitions. Should I also enrol for compassbox? Answer

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