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Questions most parents ask
"Isn't online education very costly?"
Mrs Raji Menon, housewife,
mother of Divya, Standard X,
Vashi, New Bombay
Many parents fear that online education may be too costly. But is it really? When you consider the amounts you spend sending your child to a coaching class - anywhere from Rs 5,000 to Rs 12,000 for two subjects - plus the cost of travel, guides, self-study books etc., then a compassbox.com membership is ridiculously low.

As a parent who is devoted to providing his or her child the best and most meaningful education, you will have realized that computers are already an indispensable part of life. They are definitely worth the investment, today.

What's more, the prices of computers are coming down drastically, and so is the cost of connectivity. Some internet subscriptions are already virtually free, and many banks and financial institutions are offering affordable and attractive installment schemes. And of course, there are cyber cafes mushrooming everywhere, charging as low as Rs 15 per hour for accessing the Internet.
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