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Questions most parents ask
"Private tuition teachers give a lot of personalized attention. Can online education do that?"
Mr S K Singh,
parent of Ankit, Standard IX,
Thakur Complex, Mumbai
The better known coaching classes and established private tuition teachers have more or less standardized their systems. There isn't all that much 'personalized attention' as promised. In fact, in most places it is just a mini-classroom, duplicating the school classroom, packed with children. There is very little education, learning and imparting of knowledge happening. Notes are printed and distributed, and tests are repeated ad nauseam.
However, there are individual tutors who work with just a handful of students. They are the only ones who can give highly personalized attention, and we have no hesitation in saluting them. In fact, many of the systems and ideas we use have been inspired by such private tuition teachers.

At compassbox.com, from the moment your child is registered, our Marks Magnet takes over. Rather than wait for your child to ask a question, we initiate the process. Your child will be under the tutelage of highly experienced and motivated teachers, and a close watch will be kept on his individual needs and problems. And yes, as a last resort, we will inform the parent when a child lags behind or is unresponsive.
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