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Questions most parents ask
"My son's tuition teacher is quite strict. He knows how to push my son and make him study hard. How will online education take care of this?"
Mrs Radha Shekhar,
Officer, multinational bank,
parent of Shankar, Thane, Maharashtra

Online education will actually give more individual attention to students than teachers can hope to do in today's classes.

At compassbox.com, we will ensure that your child has an online personal tutor, a 'Mentor'. We will actually be initiating the learning activities. This way, we can ensure that not only does the student get the best of attention, but you, as a parent, get full value for money, too.

An unbiased, "online" teacher also has other plus points:

  1. compassbox.com teachers will never criticize or condemn a student by words or by "body language."
  2. The feedback given to students will be immediate which is of more value.
  3. This will be augmented by feedback at the individual sessions that compassbox.com teachers will have with their pupils
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