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Questions most parents ask
"Are you trying to replace coaching classes?"
Mrs V. Chacko, parent of George,
Standard X,
Goregaon, Mumbai

"The coaching class where my child goes is well known. My friends' children have studied there, so I know I can trust it. Online education is so new. It's not a proven system."
Mrs Sujata Choudhary, parent of Padmini,
Standard X,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Let's assume your child goes to a coaching class. You have chosen the class with great care, based on the recommendations of students who have studied there or are currently studying there. (Or did hardsell advertising and hype draw you to the class?)

The question to ask is, does the coaching class provide your child with an ideal learning environment? Do they have ideal mentors? For instance:

  1. Are they knowledgeable in all subjects?
  2. Are they aware of precisely what your child knows, so that they can avoid undue repetition, and at the same time, ensure that all necessary instruction is provided?
  3. Are they paying attention to the individual needs and abilities that your child has?
  4. Do they have enough time to give your child individual attention whenever needed without holding up other students?
  5. Do these tutors have the flexibility to instruct a little differently sometimes when your child forgets something or has difficulty in grasping a point?
  6. Are you saying that coaching class tutors never chastise your child when he or she is less than perfect?
  7. Are you sure that these tutors, while pointing out mistakes, are always praising your child's accomplishments and encouraging him or her to proceed further?
  8. And of course, what exactly do coaching classes do when your child falls behind because of sickness or absence? Do they take the lessons again?

At compassbox.com we can confidently and honestly say "yes" to all the questions raised above.

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