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Questions most parents ask
"Are you saying my child need not go to school anymore?"
Mr Mani Iyer,
parent of Jyothi, Standard X,
M.G.Road, Bangalore

Absolutely not. At compassbox.com we strongly believe that:

  1. Schools enable students to interact with each other, and this is an important element in growing up, learning and becoming socially responsible citizens.
  2. Schools also furnish structure and can provide a means for ensuring that students devote time to necessary studies.
  3. Under proper circumstances, schools can foster peer pressure to aid learning.

If schools were eliminated, the probable alternative would be to have education take place in homes of students. Although home schooling is advantageous for some children, conditions in the homes of others would impede learning.

At compassbox.com, we want to supplement school learning, not substitute it. We can ensure that the learning of one individual will never be hindered by the abilities or weaknesses of others. Each student will move at his or her own pace, unaffected by the rate of learning of any other student.
And although, theoretically, any student in a class can ask questions, in reality, those who are confused are often embarrassed and don't wish to reveal their ignorance. Frequently, only the most intelligent students dare to ask questions because they know that if they don't understand, neither does anybody else.

With the compassbox.com system of online learning, students can always immediately request help if something is unclear. They can continue to show their lack of understanding until the problem is resolved without fear of appearing dumb before their peers. The system not only helps pinpoint where the flaw lies, but is ready to explain again and again the precise part of the lesson that bears on the student's weakness.

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