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Questions most parents ask
"My son, Vishal, does not have any self-discipline. His mind wanders. How can I trust him to study on his own?"
Mrs D Jasaparia,
mother of Vishal, Standard IX,
Students fritter away time while their tutor stands before them in classrooms. They become masters at tuning out boring lessons from their minds and daydreaming about more interesting topics. They sit silently and passively, paying no attention and learning nothing. The situation is no different in a large coaching class. Since such students cause no disturbance, most tutors don't bother.

On the contrary, if Vishal were actually sitting down for a learning session with compassbox.com, things would be very different. Our pages are designed to stimulate and excite. Pupils are not likely to wander off into daydreams when they are being kept busy and interested. The interactive features will be a powerful force to keep Vishal working and enjoying his lessons.
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