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Questions most parents ask
"If the child sits in front of the computer screen for two or three hours continuously, won't it spoil his eyes?"
Lt. Cdr. Atul Tandon,
parent of Sanjay, Standard X,
Kendriya Vidyalaya.
There are actually two concerns here. One is to shield the child from leakage of radiation from computer screens. Although modern computer screens emanate very little radiation, you may want to buy and attach a shield, especially if you think that your child sits too close to the monitor.

The second concern is that your child may strain his or her eyes from reading the computer screen. Actually, modern colour monitors, with properly adjusted brightness and contrast, make reading less tiring than the old black and white screens. In fact, tests have shown that reading from computer monitors does not seem to be any more dangerous to eyesight than reading from books..
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